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Animals and the Benefits of Alternative Healing and Proper Nutrition

Many of us strive on a daily basis for the balance between the mind, body and spirit for our well-being. We as humans have the ability to seek out various modalities to heal ourselves and take care of ourselves in a way to maintain that connection. Our animal companions on the other hand need our help in maintaining their balance between mind, body and spirit. Animals are much like us; they too are affected by their surroundings, what they eat, and the amount and kind of interaction they have on a daily basis.

Recent studies have shown that living with an animal companion improves a person's physical health and well-being. Having a pet can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, and release powerful endorphins. Many people also believe, as I do, that connecting with your animal companion will also help to improve your spiritual health. Animals have a seemingly boundless capacity to bring spiritual qualities such as unconditional love, gratitude, patience, and joy to our lives. They give all of this freely to us if we wish to accept it. However, at times there is a price they pay for living and sharing their lives with us.

We have a responsibility as caretakers and guardians to help maintain the health and well being of our animal companions. Often we don’t think how our actions affect the animals we live with or come in contact with on a daily basis. Animals are “energy sponges”.

They pick up on all sorts of energy in their environment, our energy, positive and negative, other pets in the home, the music we play. They can get stressed out from trips to the vet, surgical procedures, vaccinations, an environment where people smoke, thunderstorms or loud noises, exposure to toxic environments in the home such as chemicals, cleaners, electromagnetic fields from computers, TVs, microwaves. etc.

All too often I have run across animals and humans who have shared diseases. A friend of mine, Debbie had many gastrointestinal issues most of her life. Pippy was a little rescue dog she found one spring. Debbie took Pippy to the vet and except for being skinny and some arthritis she was in pretty good health. Pippy would often lie across her stomach at night while they were on the couch watching television. About two months after rescuing Pippy, the dog came down with similar symptoms. After taking Pippy to the vet it was discovered she too was suffering from intestinal issues that were not there before. Once Debbie was able to get her intestinal issues under control so did Pippy.

Animals have an innate ability to pick up on what is ailing us; whether it is mental, physical or emotional, they want to help us heal and will often absorb that energy to help us heal. Take a look at your animal companion(s) and see if they share any of your emotional, physical or mental characteristics. Is there something that you could be providing them right now that would benefit to them?

It’s not always clear what the best ways are to support the body, mind and spirit of our animal friends. Sometimes a single form such as animal massage, Reiki or acupuncture work fine as standalones. Other times a combination of healing modalities works best. It is up to how each individual animal responds to what treatment.

I believe that preventive medicine is best for both humans and animals. We all know the power and comfort of receiving a good massage or energy session, or having good healthy meals everyday to maintain clarity and well being for ourselves. Our animal companions benefit just as much from these simple acts. However, if we only take care of the physical being and don't care for the environment the animal lives in, his or her body will be unable to respond vigorously to those wonderful natural and holistic remedies we supply for them. It's hard to imagine trying to maintain a balanced mind, body and spirit if one of the elements is out of sync. It would be like taking a walk everyday, eating healthy food and then going back to an office or home that is filled with negativity and stress. Although the walk and food are healthy the third component in the triangle is not in sync with the other two. Food is one of the simplest things to start with if you don’t already have them on a good diet. It is my philosophy that I would rather pay extra now for good food then pay a veterinarian later for health issues from feeding them low grade food. Dogs and cats should live well into their 20's, yet most die between 13 to 15 years...WHY? Basically if you are feeding your pet commercially produced food you are feeding them poison. Despite the appealing descriptions of pet food advertisements with their claims of providing "complete and balanced nutrition," if you're not exceedingly cautious, you may end up feeding your pet chicken heads, road kills, spoiled or moldy grains, cancerous material cut from slaughterhouse animals, tissue high in hormone or pesticide residues, and even shredded Styrofoam packaging, metal ID tags and minced flea collars. These things of course will not be listed on the can but you can be sure they are in there. A good website to check out for further information is www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com. This website has a lot of terrific information on it. Pet massage or energy sessions are also simple yet effective ways to help your pet maintain their good health. These modalities are no longer considered to be something of a luxury item for your pet. This type of care is considered to be part of an animals normal routine care program. These massages or energy sessions can greatly benefit animals who are recovering from physical injuries or illnesses and also help on a spiritual level by allowing them the space to relax and heal naturally. Lastly is our heart and soul connection to animals. It is probably the single most positive thing you can do, to connect with your animals on a heart level to keep the energy of love flowing between the two of you. It is time for both of you to recognize the face of God in each other. Rejoice in the love that so many people seek out only to find it in the animal companions they share their lives with. Many people find the light of spirit residing in the eyes of their beloved animal companion. This love helps to keep you and your pet balanced and spiritually connected to the divine. Sherry B. True is owner and service provider for Spirit Paws, alternative animal wellness services. Her services include animal communication, pet massage, animal blessings and Healing Touch for Animals®. For more information please visit www.spiritpaws.com.