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About the litter box

Litterbox for handicapped pet restores independence for cats with paralysis, amputation, arthritis, or other mobility problems.

  • Accessible--low rounded lip with cushion allows easy entry and exit
  • Roomy--generous size lets kitty drag hindquarters around comfortably
  • Natural--permits exercise of digging and covering instinct

(NOTE: Cushion is recommended for the comfort of cats with rear-end paralysis. Box may be used without cushion for amputation, arthritis, or other mobility challenges.)


1) The litter box is a Purina SecondNature Dog Litter Pan, size Miniature, which fits pets 6-15 lbs. Dimensions are 20"x24"x5".

2) The cushion is a Lazy Pet Orthopedic Crate and Kennel Mat. It comes in green or tan nylon, with white sheepskin on one side, and the cover zips off and is washable. Size is 17"x23".

Set the litter box on the floor and tuck the cushion up under the entry of the box, smooth side up. It should fit snugly and stay in place. Fill the box with litter up to the level of the entry. A kitty can easily get onto the cushion, at which point he is level with the entry to the box and its litter and can get in and out smoothly.

The cushion is the right size for a standard pillowcase if you want to cover it. The box takes quite a bit of litter due to its generous size, but it is larger than average like a handicapped bathroom stall so there is plenty of room for the kitty to turn around even if unable to stand.

Both items can be found online or in major pet retail stores.


(The following letters are taken from the message board at You are invited to post your questions or concerns there!)

Tarka in South Africa

Born with hemivertebrae, bladder control but unable to stand

20 March 2004

Tarka is using her new litter box now. She pulls herself onto the mat and then into the box. It is such a pleasure! It means no more wee on the floor or her. No more constant bathing and generally a happier and more relaxed cat!

6 April 2004

Sorry I haven't posted for a while... I have been studying so haven't had much chance to get on line. Tarka is doing ok. She is trying very hard to stand up and walk. Every now and again she can stand on her own and then she falls over. She also seems to get her legs twisted up and she trips herself up. My exam is next week so I am planning on doing lots of physio with her then again. She is still on serious diet (her next weigh in is on Tuesday next week) and is still going for accupuncture.

I must be honest though - the thing that has made the biggest difference in our lives is the litter box - she is independent again and that is invaluable.

26 May 2004

Greetings from Tarka and I. Tarka can use the litter box without a problem now. She was fine when I got her as a kitten and then her vertebrae essentially collapsed when she was 6 mths old. At the very worst she was never incontinent but struggled to get in and out the litter box. Carol very kindly sent me a FANTASTIC box from the states (we live in South Africa) and it has made an immense difference to our lives.

It is a large box with a cushion at the front. The box has quite a large low lip on the front and the cushion tucks underneath. Tarka pulls herself onto the cushion and then into the box and then she does her business.

Even if the kitten is incontinent though - there are ways and means to deal with that - I have been fortunate with Tarka.

Tarka is not in pain, is a very happy, loved and contented little cat. We are also making great strides (literally) with accupuncture and injected cortisone.

SusieCat in Canada

16 year old rear amputee Norwegian Forest Cat

21 January 2005

Hi everyone;

Susie's new litter box arrived on Wednesday, sent a very long way by Carol C. I found out that it was taken apart at customs and then repacked (badly!) and forwarded to me; that's why it took so long to get here!

I took the litter pan and pad out of the box, telling Susie that it was for her, what a lucky cat, etc. She loves getting things; when she is told "this is for you", she gets all excited and fluffs up her fur, pushes all her whiskers forward and purrs like crazy.

I replaced her box with the new pan.....she didn't even hesitate to jump right in! We have put her box back in her normal spot in the laundry room, because she told us to. I'm not kidding; she went several times to the laundry room and squawked at us loudly. We got the message and put her box back in instead of having it in whichever room she was hanging out in.

Anyway, she loves loves loves this box. She is in there, flinging litter around like she's in paradise! The box is so big, she can hop in and spread out without hitting the sides and can turn any way to cover up her 'products'. Since Wednesday evening, we have noticed even more improvement: she actually RAN to the kitchen for dinner and she managed to grab a chip out of my husband's hand while we were all on the couch....she fell over in the process, nearly off the couch, but she was so intent on eating the chip that she didn't even notice.

I do see that when she has been sleeping or has been lying around, that for the first 10 minutes or so of walking she drags her hind leg (like when she was first beginning to get around again). After she is warmed up, she walks around just fine. Have others noticed this kind of thing too with their tripods? Bye! Dawn

p.s. Carol C.: thank you so much for the litter pan and pad; it has been a great help for Susie and a source of great relief for me. If there is anything I could do for you, please let me know....

Simba in Australia

Burmese kitten hit by a car, suffered a 3/4 break to the bone in his rear leg just above the knee (which was pinned) and a damaged vertebrae, cannot stand up

10 September 2006

The litter tray arrived today ( 11th September- we are a day ahead of you) much to Simbas' delight. It is currently raining here and he doesn't like going to the toilet in the rain ( he usually uses a pile of grass clippings so they are all wet at the moment ) and he doesn't want to use the old litter tray. He hadn't gone all morning and the tray arrived at lunchtime. First thing he did was have a REAL good sniff and a bit of a rub on the pad then as soon as I put the cat litter in, he wanted to jump in. He hasn't quite figured out how to get in and out but he loves the fact that he can move around and have a good old dig and get comfy. And it was the first time he had done a wee in the litter tray since he got hurt.

11 September 2006

I had messaged you too early!! I messaged you after he had only used it once. Because it was raining he used it all day yesterday. He's a pro!! He absolutely loves it. And when he isn't using it as a litter tray he uses the pad as a bed. ( he has to sleep in a porta cot at night so he doesn't move around while we are asleep and get caught. ) He must find it really comfortable for his bad leg and back. But he really really likes it. And he seemed to be so proud of himself that he can drag himself into and out of the litterbox. He gives you this look of self satisfaction. So thank you so much. It has really given him his independence back.