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[[怎样帮你的宠物排尿 (How to express your pet)]]
[[怎样帮你的宠物排尿 (How to express your pet)]]
[[Vymáčknout močový měchýř Vašeho psa nebo kočky]]
[[Vymáčknutí měchýře u Vašeho psa nebo kočky]]

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This information is based on the opinions and experiences of pet caretakers and is not to be considered as professional health advice. Check with your veterinarian first. Please view the full Disclaimer for more information. I am in no way a veterinarian or even a vet tech I am only offering my own information on what is happening in my situation with my pet.

Creating an Account

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Getting Started

The purpose of these pages is to create an Encyclopedia of problems faced by caretakers of elderly, disabled, injured, and handicapped pets.

For example, there is an article about how to "Express a dog or cat." You can find it by typing "Express" in the search box.

If you have something to add to this article, or would like to make a change, go ahead and do so (you'll need to log in, or create a login name). Don't be shy, mistakes are easy for us to fix.

If you know a great deal about a topic, like Amputation, go ahead and create an article. Others will edit it, refine it, and add to it. Eventually we'll have a place we can go for advice, suggestions, information, and discussion.

To add an article, type the title of the article into the Search Box and press GO (not Search) If there is not already an article by that name, you'll be given the opportunity to create it. Please capitalize only the first letter of the first word of each article title.

Email me at MarkC@HandicappedPets.com if you have questions.

Note: The Article about Angel, the amputee, has been moved to HandicappedPets.org.


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Bowel and urinary problems

Bowel management in incontinent pets

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Express a dog or cat

Male wrap with handles

Urinary tract infection


Canine osteosarcoma


Connection and Communication

Animal communication


Automobile conversion for a disabled dog

Center a heavy dog on his bed

Diaper pail

Engine hoist for a heavy dog

Homemade quad cart for a severely disabled cat

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Blind dogs

Lethal White Aussie



Holistic care for paralysis

Physical therapy for paralysis



怎样帮你的宠物排尿 (How to express your pet)


Vymáčknutí měchýře u Vašeho psa nebo kočky


Vaciar a un perro o a un gato


Vider la vessie d’un chien ou d’un chat


Spremere la vescica a un cane o a un gatto


Hoe de blaas van je huisdier te ledigen


Golirea manuală a vezicii unui câine sau a unei pisici

Evacuarea intestinală la animale de casă care suferă de incontinenţă