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Stroller for large dog (up to 100 pounds)


I successfully adapted a Schwinn kids combo bike trailer/stroller for use with my 65# handicapped Dal. The stroller is easy to assemble the first time, no tools at all required! It can be completely disassembled and will fold flat to fit in a trunk, if needed. Can also be attached to bicycle without tools.

The 2 large bike tire wheels come off with a flip lever, the handlebar attaches via 2 twist-knobs. The top of the frame has a brace bar that snaps out, letting the sides of the stroller collapse flat for storage.

I removed the straps that held the suspended nylon kids seats, then placed plywood (cut a couple of inches longer than the stroller frame)on top of frame. This created a "floor" for the stroller, over which I placed a thin foam exercise mat. Ziggy loves his "Zig-mobile", it's easy to push, and it lets him enjoy a "walk" with my other Dals.

Very easy to clean: lightweight nylon material, either wipe down or hose off.

I bought mine at Toys R Us six months ago, cost $180.